About David Matthew

Hi! Thanks for coming here to check out my blog.

I’m an ordinary sort of fellow. My main claim to fame is that I’m 81 and still happy.

That is chiefly because I have been a committed Christian since the age of twelve and have enjoyed God’s presence and blessing in countless ways ever since. So most of my blog posts have a Christian slant, as you’ll see.

I’m still very much on a journey of faith. Some of the Christian notions I once held dear I have now pushed to one side, letting others take their place. I’m now a lot less dogmatic on doctrinal issues than I used to be, and a lot more Jesus-focused.

For many years my website was where I posted most of my thoughts, observations and book reviews, but this blog is now the main repository of such writings. But you can still see the website at http://www.davidmatthew.org.uk

I hope what I have to share here will prove stimulating and helpful. Use the ‘Categories’ list under my picture to choose which posts to look at. There is one called KEY POSTS, where I have grouped what I consider the ones I’d most like you to read. Enjoy!


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To give things a context, here’s a bit about me and my history…

I was born in Malton, in East Yorkshire, England, in 1940 and grew up in a stable Christian home. My parents were Methodists.

During his time away in the Second World War, my father joined the Open Brethren. At the end of the war he moved the family to the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire, and it was there I grew up. I became a committed Christian myself at the age of twelve.

At Bradford Grammar School I gradually veered towards languages and sat my ‘A’-levels in Spanish, French and English. From there I went to Bristol University, from where I graduated in 1962 with a Special Honours BA in Spanish Studies. While at university I was active in the Christian Union and became Missionary Secretary.

The year of my graduation, I married my childhood sweetheart, Faith. We continued to live in Bradford, where I did a year’s school-teaching before taking a year out in 1963-64 to get my Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Leeds. After that I taught in several local schools and eventually I became Deputy Principal of Bradford’s largest Middle School.

Since an early age I had felt the call to full-time Christian work. This dream came to fulfilment in 1976, when I left school-teaching to become part of the pastoral team of The Church House Fellowship, a new evangelical, charismatic church in Bradford. This church (later morphing into the Abundant Life Church and now Life Church, Bradford) was formed from the merger of three smaller groups, including the Brethren assembly in which I had grown up and where I had eventually been recognised as an elder. The merger took place under the ‘apostolic’ direction of Bryn Jones.

In time I moved from pastoral activity into project-type work with Bryn’s organisation, Covenant Ministries. In 1980 I set up Covenant College for him and his team and served as its principal for the first few years.

Then I worked briefly under Arthur Wallis on the editorial staff of a Christian magazine, Restoration, before becoming editor myself, which kept me busy for the next eight years. During that time I also did some book-editing and began writing. My first book, Church Adrift, was published in 1985 and was followed by six others.

Next, having moved from Bradford to Leicester, I gave myself to the editing/writing of a ten-volume theological series, the Modular Training Programme, for Covenant College. This project came to an end in December 1995.

During all this time I had continued teaching at Covenant College, specialising in New Testament Greek, as well as travelling to preach and teach in churches in both the UK and overseas. I forged special links with churches in Zambia’s Copperbelt and North West Province.

In January 1996 my wife and I went to South Africa for two years to set up a Bible college for a group of churches there. We lived in Centurion, near Pretoria. The college saw its first batch of (mostly black) students graduate successfully in December 1997, after which we returned to the UK, handing over the college to local church leaders as a going concern.

On our return we felt that our work with Bryn and Covenant Ministries had reached a natural end, and we moved back to West Yorkshire—to Castleford and the Five Towns Christian Fellowship, with which I had had close links for many years.

After a short time I was received into the church’s eldership team and from August 1998 began to serve the church on a full-time basis. I retired from eldership responsibility in October 2009 and in 2013 moved with my wife to live nearer our children in Cornwall. We are happily involved there with a church in Penzance.

All three of our children are grown up. We are delighted that they are all active Christians and fully involved in their own churches in South Wales and Cornwall. We are blessed with four super grandchildren.

[If you’re interested, you can read my memoirs here]

4 Responses to About David Matthew

  1. Elvis Mendez says:

    Dear David

    Allow me to introduce my self my name is Elvis Mendez and I am currently on a year out at the School of the Word in Manchester
    [ located at Kings Church – Principal David Emmett].

    I am now looking at my final essay and wondered if you could very briefly comment on the following, as I would value your opinion as pioneer who closely observed the Restoration Movement.

    Please comment on the essay title: –
    Assess the extent to which the pioneers of the Restoration Movement were subversive towards the Christendom model of church

    If you could let me have something back by the 4th of May and In addition, would I be able to use your opinion to contribute to my assessment.

    David, if time is against you please ignore this request; I will understand I know you are busy with other things

    Any way thanks for your time, in advance


    Elvis Mendez
    School of the Word
    Email reply


    • Hi, Elvis. Just picked up your message today – 18 Jan 2014, nearly two years after you left it for me! So sorry about that; as you can tell, I don’t use my blog feature very often, preferring to put stuff on my website (www.davidmatthew.org.uk).
      I assume by now your assignment is well and truly a thing of the past. Trust it turned out OK. Blessings to you and all the good folk in Manchester who may remember me. DAVID


      • Elvis Mendez says:

        Thanks David for gettting back – yes all completed – I well say hi to Dave from you


  2. Darren Gill says:

    Hi Dave, good to see your still alive, really enjoyed the history of restoration, please update your blog, lots of love, Darren, Frances, (kids Jasmine, Richard and David).

    last spoke to you at the Manchester Church in the early 90’s


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